Sunday, August 9, 2009

new video and a mea culpa

New video time. The videos page on the right now includes the clinching win over Ole Miss that sent the baseball team to Omaha. That's the exciting part. The mea culpa is that I thought I also had Game 2 of that series - you know, the exciting one, in which we staged a brilliant late-inning comeback. They switched channels on me. I set it to record, flew out to my class reunion, and thus wasn't there to unfuck the system when ESPN decided to put that game on a different channel. So I got, like, TFSU-Arkansas instead, or something. I found that out when I went to go chop up the highlights.

Anyway, enjoy reliving the celebration. I'm planning on finishing the last video, in which we eliminate Cal State-Fullerton, before the football season ends. Videos thereafter should be much more responsive: I plan on having highlights of football wins up the Sunday night after they happen. Let's hope I stick to that plan.

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