Tuesday, March 2, 2010

basketball commitment: Billy Baron

So when I said I wouldn't be posting anything today, that was before I'd ever heard the name of Billy Baron. Now you have too, as he'll become the sixth member of UVA's recruiting class of 2010. (That's a pay article, but just take my word for it.)

Baron is (was) a Rhode Island commit, and the name Baron is a big one at URI, as his dad is the coach and his older brother Jimmy just finished being the A-10's version of J.J. Redick, setting that conference's record for three-pointers. There won't be any need to wiggle out of a letter of intent; as the son of a university employee, Billy didn't sign one, nor would he have been allowed to be on scholarship.

Doesn't look like Billy got any scholarship offers, actually, until UVA came calling. Marquette, Georgia Tech, and Stanford were in touch, but if they'd come through with the paper, Baron probably wouldn't have been a URI commit. Their loss, our gain. Lord knows we need scorers, and Baron averages 28 a game on the prep school circuit.

A quick scholarship count will tell you we're now one over for 2010 if everybody stays, meaning everybody is not staying. The obvious first thought, which I hope is wrong, would be the frustrated Tristan Spurlock, whose potential on offense sure would be nice right about now.

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