Monday, August 1, 2011

recruiting board update

Once again we are woefully out of tune on the recruiting board (and map) following a hiatus of a couple weeks with no updates, so here we go:

- Moved TE Kyle Dockins from blue to orange.

- Moved CB C.J. Moore from green to orange.  Two commitments in the past couple weeks is basically why this thing is so outdated.  These are basically lightly recruited guys - the articles about Dockins said he "chose UVA over Georgia" but that's basically bullshit because "interest from Georgia" is not the same thing as "Georgia offered him an actual scholarship."  Dockins had one concrete offer: UVA.

(This is as good a time as any to explain a piece of my philosophy about following recruiting.  You see it all the time where a recruit is said to have had "interest" from a particular school.  Often this is in a hometown newspaper to hype up the local kid, but regardless.  I have always completely ignored this.  "Interest" sometimes really means the exact opposite of what the hype wants you to believe: though Georgia (or FSU or insert big-name school here) was "interested," interest without an offer can often mean he was evaluated and found wanting.  Or it means anything from the coaches asked the high school coaches to "he got a letter once."  Hell, I got a letter once.  For swimming.  I still have it because it's the only proof I have that I was "recruited" to swim in college - Division II, if you're curious which you're not - and I only took up swimming as a high school freshman and the school didn't even get my graduating year right because I got the letter two months after I started school at UVA.  So pretty much anyone can get "interest."  So now you know why I've never mentioned "well he had interest from school X" in any of these recruit profiles ever.  OK, tangent over.  Back to the updates.)

- Moved RB Kye Morgan from green to blue.  Seems the local school (Rutgers) shut the door.  Their loss.

- Moved CB Mike Tyson from blue to green.  I know that UVA's a finalist among just a few others, but I just don't have a feeling about it with this guy.

- Added CB Kelvin Rainey and re-added QB Greyson Lambert to green.  Dude.  Sometimes I get things hella wrong, like when I pulled Khalek Shepherd a couple years ago and then boom he committed.  In this case it seems that the staff is perfectly happy to take two quarterbacks even despite the depth chart situation, at least if Lambert is one of those quarterbacks.  I once suggested that of the three-way derby between Metheny, Rocco, and Strauss, the third-place finisher would probably transfer eventually.  I would now bet on it.  Maybe not next summer, but eventually.

- Added S A.J. Justice to yellow.

- Moved WR Drakar Harvell and WR Romond Deloatch from yellow to red.  They were there because many moons ago it looked like they'd be really interested if UVA offered, which UVA has not and probably will not.  In taking guys like Dockins it's becoming fairly clear that if UVA really wanted these two receivers, they'd have 'em already.  I dunno if it's grades or what but I think this is gonna be a little bit like Dejor Simmons from a couple years ago where you have a well-known local player who for whatever reason ended up in the I-AA ranks.  Dunno if Harvell and Deloatch will end up at JMU or ODU, or Buffalo or Marshall or whatever, but I don't think the BCS train is stopping here.

- Moved OL Adam Bisnowaty from yellow to red.  Probably going to Pitt or the Big Ten.

- Removed MLB Kaiwan Lewis from green, who committed to South Carolina.  If we want one more linebacker it could be Trey Edmunds or bust.

- Removed ATH Joel Caleb from red.  Like Curtis Grant in reverse, it's VT or out of state.

Dropping Bisnowaty and Lewis from the yellow-or-higher ranks removed two of the most-wanted orange names on the list, and since the rule says there must be eight of those until I decide to change the rule, their replacements are Cyrus Jones (because he's Darius Jennings Part Two) and Kye Morgan (because my damn kingdom for a running back.)

Tomorrow, Eli Harold will tell the world his choice, and it'll suck a lot if it's not UVA.  I very much think it will be, which will give our recruiting rankings, not to mention our future defensive line, a nice kick in the pants.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I just gotta say I love your blog.

Probably the best UVA blog out there since DirtyChili went under.

Streaking the Lawn has been on SBNation but frankly I find it lacking by comparison (Cal football has better coverage through it's Blog, CAL!).

Anyways, just wanna let you that despite lack of comments, here's one loyal reader and HERES HOPING WE GO BOWLING THIS YEAR.

Anonymous said...

I second that comment. Vigorously!

Brendan said...

Thanks a mil, amigos. Glad to hear from you guys.

Erik said...

Hear hear!