Wednesday, February 29, 2012

extended spring break

No publishing today (Tuesday) because I was getting ready for my trip.  Tomorrow (that is, Wednesday) I fly my happy self out of town on the way to sunny Peru.  I've been writing things to keep you occupied til I get back; this week, two game previews will be launched, and there are two column-type posts during next week's hiatus. I didn't get any guest column entries (you make blogger sad) so that's all there is.  If you get cracking and get one to me before, ohh say Sunday night, I might be able to post it, as I'll have my laptop, but I'll be doing things like exploring the sublime peaks of the Andes and the ancient ruins of the Incas, so no promises.

Hasta la vista.  Current-events posting resumes Sunday the 11th.  That is Selection Sunday, so I'll probably have an opinion about how that went.

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