Sunday, August 26, 2012

preseason blogpoll ballot

It's finally that time - that time when I get to act like a bigshot because I vote in a poll.  Starting now, and every week til the end of the football season, Sunday is Blogpoll Day.  I have a vote in a poll which is comprised of football bloggers, and here is that vote for the preseason tally.  If it looks a little weird, read on for methodology:

Preseason polls tend to be half popularity contest and half dartboard, so a couple years ago I came up with a (slightly) better system.  Rather than flail around with a half-assed guess, I count each team's entries on the preaseason watch lists of 13 of the biggest positional awards.  These are:

Bednarik - best defensive player
Biletnikoff - best WR
Butkus - best LB
Groza - best kicker
Guy - best punter
Lombardi - best lineman/linebacker
Mackey - best TE
Maxwell - best overall
O'Brien - best QB
Outland - best lineman
Rimington - best center
Thorpe - best DB
Walker - best RB

Yes, some players might get counted two or three times, but generally those are linemen, football is won in the trenches, etc. etc.  Inevitable ties are broken first by eliminating the Ray Guy Award, because come on (for example, this is how FSU ended up ahead of LSU, and A&M ahead of Oregon - they did it without having to include their punter), and then by me making a SWAG.  The Maxwell and O'Brien awards are given double weight.

FWIW, teams just missing the cut - all of them tied with West Virginia, but West Virginia chosen as a reward for their big Orange Bowl win last year - are BYU, Illinois, Kansas State, and Pitt.

The Blogpoll encourages voters to strictly vote a team's resume during the season, and not vote as a prediction-type thing, or "ladder" teams, where you move up if you win and down if you lose and that's that.  Some people take that very literally and vote resume in Week 1, which results in weird ballots.  I usually ladder in the first couple weeks, include a few teams that had early big wins, and move to a strict resume system by about the third or fourth week.  So you know.


Blogschedulewise, this is it, man: game week rhythm starts NOW.  Tomorrow's post will be a two-parter: we start with an ACC roundup of sorts, similar to last year's, and then Senior Seasons, a regular Monday feature where I glean the newspapers and reports for updates on the high school seasons of our current commitments for 2013.

Tuesday and Wednesday during game week are whatever-I-want days, and Thursday is each week's game preview.  Friday and Saturday are offdays.  This week, Tuesday and Wednesday will contain my offense and defense previews.  I cheat by waiting til the depth chart and everything is out so I have less of a chance to look a fool.

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