Tuesday, October 23, 2012

weekend review

Nothing too fancy here, just a Blogpoll ballot and Senior Seasons.  In that order.

So I made a few tweaks when the ballot algorithm didn't spit out what it should've.  Oregon deserves to be above Stanford due to common opponents.  LSU goes above Texas A&M on account of beating them.  In both instances I only had to flipflop them in the order.  Also, I had a three-way tie for #25, and by my tiebreaking rule the spot should've gone to NC State over West Virginia.  But come on.  NC State's resume is basically a semi-lucky knockoff of Florida State and a bunch of shit.  I let them have the utterly meaningless honor of being the first team off.

This week the pool of eligible teams lost Iowa, Maryland, and Iowa State, all for dropping to a 4-3 record, and added Toledo.  Technically Toledo's not eligible at 7-1 with no wins over Big Five teams, but they just beat Cincinnati and that was last week's #26 team, so I figured what the hell.  They took next-to-last, so they may stay.  There are two 7-1 teams outside the pool of eligibility and if/when they get to 8-1, I'll add them, but they probably won't appear in the top 25.  (They are Tulsa and Northern Illinois.)  5-3 is only eligible on a grandfather basis, so UNC's in but nobody else who might end up with that record.


Best of luck to the GP South Blue Devils in the state playoffs.  They finished with an 8-1 record, which is the best I've ever seen and might just be the best in school history, but they'll need every ounce of luck as they drew Cass Tech in the first round - a magnet school in Detroit that attracts a ton of football talent and sends 'em all to Michigan the way Bayside sends 'em to UVA.  And so happens to be the defending state champs.  Le sigh.

Oh well.  On with the show.

Damascus 41, Whitman 24 - Somebody finally kept Zach Bradshaw from returning any punts to the end zone, but he did haul in two long passes that got there instead.  Damascus is 8-0.

A.L. Brown 49, Northwest Cabarrus 20 - Keeon Johnson still isn't back on the field, and it's "unclear" if he ever will be this season.  Brown is 8-2.

Ocean Lakes 65, Kempsville 0 - Corwin Cutler threw five touchdowns in a laugher.  Ocean Lakes is 8-0.

Bayside 42, Princess Anne 0 - And Taquan Mizzell had four rushing TDs of his own in another laugher.  Bayside is 7-2.

Oscar Smith 58, Deep Creek 0 - Zack Jones caught four passes for 55 yards and a TD.  Oscar Smith is 6-2.

Fork Union 32, Collegiate 14 - Malcolm Cook returned an INT 77 yards for a pick-six.  FUMA is 7-2.

Salisbury 21, Kent 14 (Sadiq Olanrewaju) - Salisbury is 5-0.
Gilman 24, Calvert Hall 14 (Micah Kiser) - Gilman is 6-2.
Good Counsel 41, St. John's 17 (Brendan Marshall, Andre Levrone, Kirk Garner) - OLGC is 7-1.
Everett 28, BC High 7 (Jack McDonald) - BC High is 2-4.
Rumson 31, Monsignor Donovan 0 (Brad Henson) - Donovan is 4-2.
Newton-Conover 31, South Iredell 21 (LaChaston Smith) - South Iredell is 8-2.
Potomac 48, Gar-Field 13 (Donta Wilkins) - Potomac is 5-3.
Varina 66, Henrico 24 (Tim Harris) - Varina is 6-1.
St. Christopher's 41, Episcopal 8 (Jack English) - St. Chris is 5-3.

A couple links to finish off the weekend: a very solid overview of Why We Suck from Michael Phillips at the RTD.  Michael Strauss got his first start for Richmond this week after John Laub went down with a broken ankle, and led the Spiders to a win.  Ross Metheny has also been starting at South Alabama, and earned the school's first win over a I-A team this week.  (It was Florida Atlantic, so, you know, for the precise technical definition of I-A.)


pezhoo said...

We're minus 16 in the turnover department? Are you sh*tting me? I knew we weren't forcing turnovers, but that's absurd. To win you have to be able to run and not turn the ball over. And we can't run and MINUS SIXTEEN. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

I get updates on your Inside the ACC articles from the RSS feed in Google Reader- or at least I would like to.

Whenever I click a link to read your article it takes me to a sportswar.com redirect page, for example:

But I never get redirected, it just stops at that blank page that just says SPORTSWAR_REDIRECT and the URL. I've tried in multiple browsers/computers. Help?

Brendan said...

Unfortunately I can't be of much use in that department. I only write, and have the IT expertise of a woodchuck. ITA is a pretty new site, so it's not too surprising there'd be a technical issue here and there. I recommend you email them directly at insidetheacc@gmail.com and let them know. I'll pass along your question to Will as well.