Thursday, December 20, 2012

merry christmas

A merry Christmas to everybody!  A Happy New Year to all the world!  This is to announce the start of Christmas sabbatical; since I'm traveling this year, it'll last about a week.  Kinda.  I have scheduled the rest of the ACC basketball previews to pop up at various intervals over the next week, so if opening presents and drinking egg nog and the like bores you, you'll have a little reading material to keep you occupied.  I've also scheduled a game preview of the ODU game to post tomorrow, in time for the game Saturday.

If stuff happens during the next week that's worth an opinion, I'll fire the machine back up on Saturday the 29th.  Last year half the basketball team transferred out while I was sitting around not writing, or at least, it felt like half.  So that was fun.  Otherwise I'll just wait til Monday, New Year's Eve.  Be good this year.

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