Tuesday, April 23, 2013

tar heel follies

This doesn't qualify as today's post.  I promised something on the ACC media rights deal and you'll get it.  But this was too good to pass up.  Background: Jaason Lewis is a 2015 recruit from Ocean Lakes who has a UNC offer and decided to commit to it yesterday.  UNC decided not to accept.  Not smart, really, so I had to whip up something to stick the needle into the Heels here:

UNC is the only school in the world that's so insecure about their selectivity that they have to flaunt it.  Clumsy application of that selectivity might've cost them a recruit - or several - and certainly will require a fair amount of damage control.  Brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

Jaason Lewis's tweets on the matter:


I have to believe this is somehow all a big misunderstanding. But still, it's a complete bungling by UNC. Which is awesome.