Monday, December 9, 2013

weekend review

Mannnnn..... I put off writing this as long as I could because it was definitely one of those weekends that makes me wish I had a different obsession.  Or at least different teams.  I should go pretend-root for the Boston teams, I hate them all (the pro ones) and I could then at least take a perverse pleasure in watching the sport gods think they're spiting me.

Almost nothing went right - even when my teams weren't playing they were getting jobbed by the jobbing jobbers down in Brazil.  (OK, OK - of the many things FIFA does badly, and possibly corruptly, the WC draw probably isn't one of them.)

From just a UVA perspective, the women's soccer season went poof in penalty kicks, and the men's basketball season is already going poof before our eyes.  Losing to Wisconsin is one thing; losing to a satellite campus is another entirely.  Now there are two full weeks to stew over it.

Fall sports aren't over quite yet, though; one last gasp remains in the form of men's soccer, which plays Maryland this Friday.  Fun fact: out of eight teams making up the men's and women's College Cups, six are ACC squads.  UVA is two of them; FSU, VT, Maryland, and ND are the others.  VT came oh-so-tantalizingly close to filling that dippy trophy case, but got nosed out of the semis by Florida State.  The 75 points you get in the Director's Cup for getting that far will probably be a third of Tech's total for the year.  A school with already far too many national titles won the women's tournament, so let's hope the pattern holds, and the school with the second-most men's titles adds another star to the crest.


Two of our senior-year commits played some football this week.  Both of them Browns, come to think of it.  Caanan and Clearwater Central Catholic reached the state title game in Florida, and lost 34-7.  Andrew and Oscar Smith played a defensive struggle against Colonial Forge and won, 17-0, moving them to the state championship against Centreville.  In Scott Stadium, of course.  And for that matter, UVA's 2015 commitment, Juan Thornhill, also plays for a state title next week.

Lastly, the recruiting board gets a little update of its own:

-- Re-added CB DaiQuan Lawrence to blue.  Lawrence committed to Wake Forest over UVA but re-opened his recruiting following Jim Grobe's resignation.

-- Added DE Darrious Carter to blue.  Carter is currently a Temple commit.

-- Added CB Cornelius Floyd to yellow.


This is the dead period of final exams; I love the Christmas season but hate the 10-14 days between basketball games during finals.  And it's a full two weeks this year.  With such a gap, it's time to go full speed into the ACC previews for basketball, and I may have to run some two-a-days this year as there are three extra teams and I'm getting a late start.  And there are four more verbals on the list which I can sprinkle in.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Andrew Brown actually commits? Do you read in to anything about him not attending the UVA/VT game? I know his dad was given assurance that ML will be there, but do you think over the coming weeks, months enough people remind him of the likelihood ML won't be there for basically his whole UVA career?

pezhoo said...

We should know in a month, he signed that non-binding letter last month and is supposed to enroll for Spring, which is like January 10th or so.

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, this long basketball break gave us all a chance to enjoy a minor scuffle with a troll in the comments section.