Saturday, February 22, 2014

acc sims updated

A power outage yesterday prevented me from writing anything substantial, but I still managed to update the sims as promised.  They're both surprising and anticlimactic, and perhaps surprisingly anticlimactic.

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Anonymous said...

The 97% figure is shocking. That means, among other things, that KenPom thinks Syracuse has less than a 3% chance of winning out.

Even the 88% figure (adjusted tiebreaker) is shocking. It suggests that UVA is likely to win the top seed even if UVA loses to Cuse, doesn't it? Cuse would have to lose 2 more games than we do (outside of the head-to-head) for that to happen.

I'd love to see what the odds look like if you assume a Syracuse win over Virginia (and give Syracuse the tiebreak over us as well).