Wednesday, July 9, 2014

vote for the 2013-2014 Cavalier of the Year

You've read the bios, or at least, you've got no excuse for not doing so, and now it's time to choose.  I leave the selection of the Cavalier of the Year in your capable hands.  For a refresher, here's a link to each of the candidates:

Morgan Brian - Women's soccer

Jasmine Burton - Volleyball

Elly Buckley - Field hockey

Mark Cockerton - Men's lacrosse

Danielle Collins - Women's tennis

Alex Domijan - Men's tennis

Joe Harris - Men's basketball

Nathan Kirby - Baseball

JB Kolod - Men's diving

Denny McCarthy - Men's golf

Kevin Parks - Football

Nick Sulzer - Wrestling

Courtney Swan - Women's lacrosse

There's a national champion here, there's a national player of the year, several conference players of the year, one conference freshman of the year, multiple all-Americans, and I'd say no fewer than three who can legitimately be called the best to ever suit up for UVA at their sport.

(That bears repeating: Three of these athletes, and honestly, the potential is there for more depending on how they do later on, are UVA's best in our history.  That's truly outstanding.)

A few requests, which are the same every year;

-- One person, one vote, please.  Honor system.

-- If you so fervently believe in your chosen candidate that you want to campaign for them, I have no problem with this.  I encourage this.  But I'd appreciate a note in the comments with a link, especially if you're doing so on Facebook, so I can follow along.

-- As always, I get to interpret the voting how I like, of which the most probable outcome by far is that there's a shared award.  I trust this doesn't offend anyone.  It hasn't yet.

Voting will close on Thursday, July 23 at 5:00 PM, so that I can get busy writing up the winner and then spend one weekend relaxing before it's actually time to start the football previews.


Anonymous said...

My 1-2-3 is Brian-Kirby-Collins.

Yes, I'm pegging an individual national champion as only the third-best candidate on this list... that says a ton about the quality of the competition!

(What's more, all three of these guys are back next year. Wow.)

Anonymous said...

Just looking at the vote totals. This is proving to be the most exciting COY race ever.