Monday, September 29, 2014

weekend review

Short newsbits and then Senior Seasons and then that's it.

-- Fun little article about Kyle Crockett in the Daily Press.  His rapid rise to the majors was certainly impressive.  Actually saw him pitch in person this year and noticed two things: one, the pros got him out of the Karl Kuhn squat awfully quickly (most UVA pitchers lose that after going pro) and two, he's still rail-skinny and looked like he might get eaten by Miguel Cabrera.

-- The O-line is a little thinner this week with Jackson Matteo out after foot surgery.  It doesn't sound like a real short-term type of thing, despite the claim that he's not out for the year yet.

-- VT is also down some more in the depth department, losing one of their top RBs, freshman Shai McKenzie, to a torn ACL.  It's a really tough situation for the guy - it's the same ACL he tore last year.

-- I haven't bothered yet with posting anything about bowl projections, as they're kinda silly this early, and UVA's have been just a hodgepodge of bowls who get to pick the ACC's barrel-scrapings.  But here's the first one that has the Hoos in a respectable place against an opponent who'd probably beat the flying crap out of us.  The Music City is part of a group of bowls that shares the fourth through seventh pick (or fifth through eighth if the playoff takes an ACC team); any time you see UVA in the Military, Independence, or ex-Motor City Bowls, that's basement-type stuff.  Not that I'd scoff at going.


Senior Seasons!  And we have a new addition, too.  Always fun to add a new face to follow midseason.  Last year that never happened - all the commitments came either before or after the season.

West Orange 50, Jones 14: New UVA commit Brandon Wilson didn't do anything to put himself in the game article.  I just wanted to point out that he has a teammate named Eddie McDoom.  SIGN HIM.  I demand it.  West Orange is 5-0.

Poly Prep 34, Hun School 7: Chris Sharp slogged out 87 yards on 17 carries, and the game's opening touchdown, but Hun couldn't get anything else going on offense.  Hun is 1-1.

Good Counsel 17, Gonzaga 7: Nick Johns passed for Gonzaga's only touchdown in a loss that wouldn't have been an upset a couple years ago, but is a fairly big one today.  OLGC and Gonzaga are both 4-1.

Kettle Run 27, Skyline 0: David Eldrige had a quiet day with only one catch for 12 yards.  Kettle Run is 2-2.

Altavista 46, Appomattox 7: Juan Thornhill threw for one touchdown and ran for another on a fake punt.  Altavista is 4-0.

Manasquan 21, Holmdel 0 (Tanner Cowley) - Manasquan is 2-1.
Colerain 30, Lakota West 21 (C.J. Stalker) - Lakota West is 2-3.
Plymouth-Whitemarsh 47, Wissahickon 27 (Ryan Bischoff) - P-W is 3-2.
St. Joseph's-Montvale 47, St. Joseph's Prep 29 (Olamide Zacchaeus) - St. Joseph's Prep is 1-3.
Philadelphia Northeast 23, Roxborough 8 (Gladimir Paul) - Northeast is 1-4.
Cathedral Prep 16, Aquinas Institute 12 (James Trucilla) - Prep is 5-0.
Somerset 50, Greater Johnstown 13 (Kareem Gibson) - Johnstown is 3-2.
Spring Valley 56, South Aiken 35 (Rasool Clemons) - South Aiken is 2-3.
HD Woodson 42, Woodrow Wilson 23 (Kareem McDonald) - Wilson is 3-2.
Broad Run 38, Liberty 35 (R.J. Proctor) - Liberty is 3-1.
Mills Godwin 27, Patrick Henry 5 (Eli Hanback) - Patrick Henry is 1-3.
Ocean Lakes 56, Bayside 12 (Jahvoni Simmons) - Ocean Lakes is 4-0.
Grassfield 27, Hickory 17 (Richard Burney) - Hickory is 1-3.

Only David Curry with Buford had a scheduled bye this week, but Grant Polk and Charlotte got rained out.  No byes the next two weeks, though; everyone's in action.


Anonymous said...

Eddie McDoom! That's awesome. I hope he's a DE.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. McDoom lowers the McBoom.

Anonymous said...

Also, Akil Mitchell signed with the Rockets! I really hope things work out well for him there.

Brendan said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE I forgot that. I meant to include it, cross my heart and hope to die. It's just awesome to see Akil getting a shot. It's only a non-guaranteed camp deal, and he's a longshot to make the roster, but visibility is everything and you'd be a fool to count out a guy with that much heart and brains.