Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Anonymous said...

Burn Parliament? Didn't Guy Fawkes...ah, yes, I see.


Anonymous said...

I'm a little worried about what will happen once he is gone. He is a great recruiter, and it will be tough to watch our commitments turn elsewhere and see some talent likely leave the squad immediately.

That said, I also don't have any faith in London's ability to actually translate the talent he has recruited into anything. Player development has been pathetic since he took over, and then of course there is the very real fact that he has actually lost us multiple games due to his complete inability to do basic coaching things like properly use timeouts and manage the clock. So as worried as I am about recruiting and all of that business, I am completely on board the fire-the-coach train.

Maybe things will suck for a couple of years but at least there might be hope again in Charlottesville. Right now he has completely lost the faith of the fans. This isn't fun anymore, and that's really the only point of all of this business anyway.

Man, I can't wait for basketball. I'd rather just watch 2 hours of unedited practice footage of our basketball team right now than watch our football team play.

Anonymous said...

Losing games you should lose is no fun. But losing games you SHOULDN'T lose is ten times more painful. And that is London's specialty. He recruits. The talent is there. The opportunity is there. And he squanders it. For a fan, that is so hard to watch.

I could have fun watching shitty talent play above themselves to get to 4-4, but watching these guys piss away wins... And that's what you're always going to get with London: underperforming.

He's like the opposite of Bennett. You know that TB on the sideline is worth a few more wins every season, regardless of who he has on the floor. Can't wait until basketball season.

BostonHoo said...

I suppose there is still time for ML & Co to douse the flames with a couple of more wins particularly if one comes in Blacksburg, but who among us thinks the Hoos can take GT, FSU, or Miami? The lack of offense in the second half suggests that ML & Co get "out adjusted" at half time. So, at least on my part, the Mike London era will sadly come to a close at the University shortly after the last game of the season. There has been so much promise that just never materialized. I find it puzzling and would like someone's informed and candid explanation as to why Mike London could not be an effective head coach at Virginia. He is obviously a talented recruiter, had the support of the administration, had a more or less competent staff after a few false starts, is generally liked and said to be a good guy, and has the support of his players. What went wrong? Maybe we can get Bud Foster to move up the valley. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

Anonymous said...

If Bud Foster becomes our head coach, I'm committing suicide.