Monday, August 4, 2008

catching up on the weekend

Bunch of weekend stuff here that I'd have gotten to, and you'd have gotten to read, had I not been in New Hampshire in the pouring rain listening to Styx and Boston rock the quiet New England countryside. So I probably had a better weekend than you did. Styx rocks.

So, the news. Not a lot of it is good, really. Start with Will Harris, who is looking to transfer.

“'I think we’re going to have a real deep team,' Harris said. 'Lots of guys will be able to do lots of different things. Given the situation, I’m going to do whatever coach needs me to do because I feel like I’m versatile enough that I could do anything.'"
Perhaps too deep for Harris. Fact is, Leitao never really did settle on a role for him. Was he a biggish guard or a smallish forward? Should he be shooting threes or crashing the boards? Who should he sub in for? In any case, it's very likely he'll leave and open up a scholarship for either Calvin Baker or Tunji Soroye, who, yes, is still waiting for the good word on that medical redshirt. We wish Harris well wherever he ends up.

Another player is leaving the Cavaliers, but for all intents and purposes he was already gone: Mike Brown is now officially no longer a Cavalier. Given that he was suspended for a grand larceny charge, it was highly unlikely that a verdict of guilty was going to improve his chances of returning. Groh didn't even wait that long.

Lastly we have two five-questions articles. One from the RTD and one from the Washington comPost. (Editors note: "Post-dot" is supposed to come before "com" in the website name. We sincerely regret the error. Ever so sincerely.) It's like the Dispatch's Jeff White and the Post's Adam Kilgore swapped notes and agreed to change one up and sorta swap the order just so it looks like they did their own work. 'Course, their questions are the ones we're all probably asking anyway: Quarterback? Offensive line? Defensive line? Kevin Ogletree?

So why all the questions, why now? Camp opens today yaaaaaaayyy! Meaning actual news to write about instead of "dammit another mug shot."

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