Monday, August 25, 2008

this would have been a good thing to mention earlier

Better late than never though. This week is Business Trip week for me. Excuses excuses, I know. Gotta make the money somehow. Notice the lack of ads on this site. I am actually on travel to Virginia, though not to Charlottesville (oh how I wish it were so.) So actual news postings will be effectively turned off until like Wednesday night if we're lucky, or more likely, Thursday. I'm diligently working on a couple projects while I'm here: ECU season preview, and also our own offense and defense, which will be split up into two separate posts. Also, the USC game preview, and hopefully that will go up Thursday night or Friday morning.

I'd also like to try and keep track of our current '09 commitments and their senior seasons, as this football season progresses. To do that I'll have to track down as many local newspaper sites as I can. If I find all those all on my own it will be a spectacular feat, but if I were that interested in spectacular feats I'd climb K2. I'd rather blog real good. With that in mind, a call to arms: if you are located in or near a town that has one of our esteemed recruits playing locally on Friday nights, or if you just happen to know of the newspaper website I ought to be looking at, do say so. It'd be most helpful.

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