Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blogpoll ballot, Week 16

Sorry. This doesn't allow a lot of commenting time. A glitch with the system prevented anyone from entering it on Sunday, and it was fixed by Monday but I got caught up in the whole Mike Groh thing and forgot. So here's this week's.

1Oklahoma 1
2Florida 2
3Texas --
4Alabama 3
5Penn State --
6Southern Cal --
7Utah --
8Texas Tech --
9Ohio State --
10TCU --
11Boise State --
12Oklahoma State --
13Georgia Tech --
14Missouri 1
15Michigan State 1
16Brigham Young 1
17Georgia 1
18Cincinnati 1
19Oregon 1
20Pittsburgh 3
21Mississippi 3
22Iowa 3
23Virginia Tech 3
24Ball State 10
25Northwestern 3

Dropped Out: Boston College (#21).

Obviously there's very little shifting around. I think the chosen BCS title teams are the right ones, and above is the correct order. Missouri doesn't drop, because really, who hasn't gotten the shit kicked out of them by Oklahoma these days? All those +1's are beneficiaries of Ball State's loss. 12-1 is still rankable though. Northwestern drops just because I sort of realized they've beaten a fat stack of nobody, so those other teams get to move up. Oh, and for obvious reasons, VT replaces BC. Once again, the ranked ACC team loses to the unranked one.

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