Monday, December 22, 2008

i'm not done with my christmas shopping yet

So all you get right now is a real quick two items.

Very abbreviated preview of the Hampton game tomorrow. The Pirates are 309th of 343 teams in PPG. They've also got a very low opponent PPG, but this has been mostly against teams like Portland State. I think there's a chance - just a chance, mind you, we're still not UNC - to earn a blowout win. I don't think we'll lose. Hampton's style is to slug it out - all their offensive numbers (shot attempts, assists, what have you) are low, low, low. So are their turnovers. They're like bizarro-VMI. I like our chances against a team like that because theoretically we have superior athletes because we're the big bad ACC team, and that's usually good enough to force a team like that to speed things up when they don't want to.

Second, look for the 23rd verbal commitment to be Oday Aboushi. He has cancelled his visit to Maryland and is "focused on Virginia." (Pay article here, very very short free recap here.) I can't update the recruiting board because that stuff is on the home computer and this post is Made In Laptop. There's still a chance of him going elsewhere, because it's not Signing Day and pen has not yet met paper, but reading between the lines what I see is this: "I really like UVA but I committed too soon last time and I want to make good and sure this is the place because I don't want to be that guy who decommits twice in the span of two months." Aboushi is a big, big dude and well-thought-of by the scouting services - he would be one of the top five recruits in our class.

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