Monday, March 16, 2009

regular programming will be pre-empted today

By this. Several places including the trustworthy folks at TheSabre are confirming that Dave Leitao is outski as coach. Fired, that is, along with the entire staff.

This blog exists as my megaphone for thoughts on the haps in UVA sports, so when I get home from pays-my-bills work, soapboxes will be mounted. The baseball/lax/football recruiting mumblings I'd planned for today are just going to have to wait. Sit tight: Coaching Search Mode is about to kick into high gear.

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furrer4heisman said...

The AD and President at OU love Capel and will be willing to match you dollar for dollar. You'll have to hope your facilities and ACC-ness are be enough to lure him if he's the guy you want.