Friday, March 27, 2009


Remember now. I don't break news. I barely even report it. I basically give you my thoughts on it, hopefully in entertaining fashion, and I don't even do that very well if this afternoon's rumors turn out to have any basis in fact. See, yesterday, I posted this:

This is why I don't know who I think the next coach will be, but I think I know who it won't be: Tubby Smith. I'm sure there's interest on our side - if there were rock solid interest on the other side, this'd be almost a done deal by now. Hell, given the smokescreens, maybe it is - but I doubt it.
Well, if you're a reader of Cavs Corner or TheSabre, you've noticed the boards going nuclear over the Tubby Smith rumormongering today, and the above words now seem a tad silly. Listen, if we do get Tubby Smith, it will not merely be peanut butter jelly time, it will be a Charlottesville celebration the likes of which hasn't been seen since Warrick Dunn ended up one foot shy. This might be all idle speculation, but the Ch/Krises who run the show at the respective sites above and who have actual access to the actual people running the actual show and who don't agree on how to spell Ch/Kris have not in any way made any move to dispel the Tubby rumors. They will only say that they can't confirm anything, either. In a world where denying rumors means not denying rumors at all, actually not denying rumors can be veritable confirmation.

So if you'll forgive me for my doubting ways of yesterday, I offer this new prediction, based on a completely unknown number of degrees of Kevin Bacon between me and the folks making the calls: If the Tubby Smith rumors gain real traction this weekend and by Monday, Tuesday at the latest, the roulette wheel has come up Tubby, then wooooooooooooo. If the weekend passes and the Tubby rumors fizzle, then that'll be the last you hear of them, and Jeff Capel will be the next big thing.

(I really wanted to have a football recruiting update, too, and maybe a little lacrosse sumthin'-sumthin', since it's Hit A Twerp With A Stick Weekend. But we got off of work at beer-thirty today and, kids, don't drink and post, it's not good for you. It was all I could do to not just post TUBBY WOOOO TUBBY and be done with it. And now I'm going to play some Smash Brothers, and maybe get drunk all over again since the Michigan hockey game tickets I bought for tomorrow are now Air Force hockey game tickets (DAMMIT.) If Tubby happens over the weekend I'll be sure to let you know, maybe.)

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