Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i'm just super-excited about this

Hey, remember when UVA had a good football team? Well, if your memory needs a little jogging, I've got just the thing. Thanks to the miracle of ESPN Classic, the old 2003 Tire Bowl is now part of the videos library. I'm all kinds of pleased with it (except for the fact that they cut out the first-quarter goal-line stand, that's a little annoying.) Although I do owe you this warning: I was at that game and only just now realized how lucky I was to have had the foresight to get tickets, because Pam Ward is the announcer. Pam Ward is excruciating. If you can stomach Pam Ward, you should thoroughly enjoy the Alvin Pearman fireworks display, as well as the awesome game plan that Al Groh and, yes, Mike London, came up with to shut down one of the top receivers of the decade. Ballsy game plan that involved awesomeness like dialing up blindside corner blitzes on fourth down. Go forth and enjoy.

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