Friday, April 23, 2010

UNC video is up

About five minutes ago, the lacrosse team ripped the Duke monkey off its back and stomped it to death. Sunday, we'll see 'em in the ACC final. To celebrate, I figured I'd finally get around to posting the UNC win from two weeks ago on the videos page.

OK, well, that's not totally accurate. Actually what happened is I decided after it was 4-0 bad guys to try and finish the damn thing up because it was a lot more productive of a pursuit than watching us not play defense. Without me and my jinxy ways, they began lighting the scoreboard up like Christmas, so I figured, no need to mess with what's working, I'll just go ahead and finish up all the way and then watch the rest of the game. So that's what I did, and they outscored Duke 12-4 without me. So now you have a video and a win over Duke, and I think that's a pretty productive afternoon and earns me another scotch.

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