Monday, May 24, 2010

Stony Brook video up

Just cause I was done with today's post doesn't mean I was done working for you. The video library now features yesterday's heart-racer against Stony Brook. Lacrosse videos are always the most popular videos in the set, so be one of the cool kids and go check it out.

And for an encore, I will piss and moan at you about the refereeing for just a couple seconds here. I said it was bad; part of the reason was because you could plainly see, live, the crease violation(s!) that should have wiped out Stony Brook's fourth goal. You could, I could; the ref didn't, even though he was in prime position to. The proof is clear:

That's Stony Brook's Robbie Campbell, stepping into the crease not just once, but twice, a split second before scoring the first goal of the second half to cut UVA's lead to 5-4. Did it affect the play? No, but rules is rules, and if you're going to call this one back....

...then you have to call them all back. Consistently. The refs did not do a good job; this is the most blatant one that they blew.

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Lambeth Field said...

Amen to that. My girlfriend had to walk out of the room on Sunday I was getting so steamed. Hopefully Duke doesn't bring their own lax refs like they do in basketball.