Friday, June 25, 2010

pick your Cavalier of the Year

A tad cheesy but unavoidably true, the comment left on one of the nomination posts:

These are and will be ALL WINNERS! Can you imagine trying to pick a single winner? Just an honor to be named among this group!
And yet a winner must be chosen. Time to hand out the trophy. Choosing from twelve extremely deserving nominees, that's the hard work. Which I leave to you, cause I'm lazy like that. As a refresher, here are your choices, should you need to read about them again:

Brittany Kalkstein and Paige Selenski
Drew Courtney/Michael Shabaz and Chris Henrich
Diego Restrepo and Scot Robison
Danny Hultzen and Monica Wright
Robby Andrews and Sarah Tacke
Ken Clausen and Lauren Perdue

There are national champions, record-breakers, all-Everythings, and a hell of a lot of ACC Somethings Of The Year. Some athletes are standing out in a long and proud tradition, others are carrying their teams to unexplored heights. Nearly every time I wrote one of these, I'd convinced myself that's who should get the nod; still, as always, I make no endorsement.

The poll is on the right. You have til the end of the July 4th weekend - specifically, Monday the 5th. Go.

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