Friday, July 23, 2010

fov sheds its skin

A new era for Cavalier football means a change around these parts as well, which if you have functioning retinas it probably didn't take you too long to notice. A literature major could probably extract a lot of symbology if he or she wanted to; I just happen to like all the extra orange (you know, like how the football team has new orange jerseys [/lit major]) and think the inclusion of George Gelnovatch is a nice touch as he brought UVA the first national championship of FOV's lifespan.

The banner is designed by talented fellow Wahoo Ellen Falci, who graciously offered to put her creative skills to work and put up with my nitpickings to boot.


TheUVAFool said...

Really like the addition of George.

Winfield Featherston said...

Well I'll finally say that your old banner looked so early 2000's...welcome to being closer to the present. ;-)

Brendan said...

...says the guy whose blog has a car from the Roaring Twenties :P

In seriousness, now you see the difference between having to do everything myself and having a pro (or at least semi-pro) do it.