Monday, July 12, 2010

recruiting board update

Got our quarterback! A week in which I move just one name up to the orange section feels like a slow week these days, but if that name is a quarterback, you're talking. Especially when that quarterback was supposed to be a Hokie. Bummer weekend for our country cousins: two recruits that had maroon and orange all over them in April are now at UVA and UNC (the latter being Landon Turner.)

The recruiting board is thus in need of its weekly update:

- Moved QB David Watford to orange.

- Added OT Sam Marshall to blue.

- Moved CB Kyshoen Jarrett from red to yellow. I really wouldn't get your hopes up a great deal but even so he's got a top nine that includes UVA, so hey. Jarrett also gets bolded-in-orange status as a most-desired recruit.

- Removed OT Trip Thurman, who dropped us (this comes as no surprise) and QB Blake Frohnapfel. Why Frohnapfel? Because we have a quarterback now, and while Lafonte Thourogood remains on the list, Frohnapfel was always borderline, and we're almost full.

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