Monday, September 20, 2010

weekend review

Straight to business with a recruiting board update:

- Removed DE Stephon Sanders, whom UVA probably stopped recruiting after picking up commitments from every other DE within a 150-mile radius, and who committed to SMU.

- Re-added (to red) LB Travis Hughes. Still wishful thinking if you ask me but who knows.

- Moved RB Nyjee Fleming from blue to yellow. Thought about doing that once Clifton Richardson made himself official, and truth be told, with limited space and the current focus on WRs and blue-chippers, nothing's happening with Fleming. And hasn't for months. This could turn out like Khalek Shepherd did (Shepherd declared UVA a leader as soon as he could, and then nothing happened for months and months and then I looked stupid for taking him off the board just before he committed) but I doubt it.


The ongoing saga of UVA's commitments and their senior seasons:

Hermitage 14, Meadowbrook 3 - Diamonte Bailey's (and Curtis Grant's) defense gets gashed to the tune of 237 rushing yards but keeps the scrappy opponent out of the end zone.

L.C. Bird 54, Huguenot 0 - Anthony Harris helps to quarterback his team to a big win; 6-for-9 passing for 78 yards and one rushing touchdown are the stats. Huguenot is absolutely brutal and Bird used a number of different QBs in the game.

St. Christopher's 21, Benedictine 0 - Thompson Brown caught passes from both quarterbacks: twice from his own for 31 yards and another from Benedictine for an interception after batting it into the air.

Gilman 35, DeMatha 10 - Watch out for Gilman. They've now destroyed both Good Counsel and DeMatha, which couldn't do anything on either offense or defense. Hopefully-future Hoo Darius Jennings ran wild.

H.D. Woodson 31, Theodore Roosevelt 9 - Darius Redman caught three passes for 70 yards and a touchdown. Looks like a much more productive year for Redman this year than last.

Good Counsel 35, State College 13 - Interstate win for Vincent Croce's squad.

Damascus 34, Blake 13 - Win for Brandon Phelps to keep Blake winless.

Stone Bridge 49, West Springfield 6 - Rob Burns's defense stuffs the run game and keeps the opponent off the score sheet until the 4th.

Phoebus 49, Warwick 6 - Easy one for Caleb Taylor.

Woodside 57, Menchville 9 - But not so much for Clifton Richardson - "completely shut down."

Green Run 33, Princess Anne 16 - Little harder than it needed to be for David Dean's team against a winless Princess Anne squad.

Hampton 52, Churchland 0 - David Watford keeps it mostly on the ground in a rout.

St. Anne's-Belfield 23, St. Stephen's/St. Agnes 17 - STAB comes back with two 4th quarter touchdowns against Darius Lee.

Boys' Latin 47, Severn 0 - Marco Jones helps get the shutout.

Vance 21, Independence 20 - A really terrible season for Independence, and Adrian Gamble kept off the scoresheet in this one.

Mt. Lebanon 28, Penn Hills 6 - Tim Cwalina stays undefeated.


UVA might not have been in action on Saturday, but the rest of the ACC wasn't idle. (Some of them probably wish they were. Around the league, from the bloggy point of view:

- GT 30, UNC 24: From The Rumble Seat still likes Groh....

Personnel, personnel, personnel! We simply lack key players in key positions this year and it is going to make us struggle at times. I would expect a lot more of our wins to look similar to that of Saturday. Bird sent me a text on Sunday afternoon: "I think groh is a lot better than wommack but his players aren't better." Give it some time...

- VT 49, ECU 27: Gobbler Country....

A big thanks to whoever said whatever to the defense at halftime. In the first half, we saw a lot of what we saw from the defense in the first two games. There were missed tackles, missed assignments and overall undisciplined play. In the second half, the Hokies' D fired on all cylinders, put pressure on Davis and made his life miserable in general.

Costly win for Tech, with Ryan Williams banging up his hamstring something fierce. The Hokies, as you'd expect with any team and their star running back, aren't saying a damn thing.

- WVU 31, Maryland 17: Testudo Times is not happy about the first-half effort.

Here's the play-by-play for Maryland's opening drive against West Virginia: incompletion, delay of game, loss of one, time-out, false start, delay of game, delay of game, ten-yard completion, punt. West Virginia scored on the preceding drive and on the following one. The rest of the half was worse.

- Stanford 68, Wake 24: After giving up almost 70 points, Blogger So Dear's reaction seems appropriate:

There is not enough room on the entire website for me to elaborate fully on what is wrong with the defense, but the bottom line is that I can't think of more than one or two positive things to say about the effort.... If you are in any way, shape, or form related to the defense, you are partially to blame for last night's performance.

- Auburn 27, Clemson 24: Battle of the Tigers, and Block-C is sporting, in a way:

Auburn coach Gene Chizik stole Dabo’s “All In” slogan and used it in the week up to the game. It was featured prominently in their posters and shirts shown on tv during the game. Then they beat us, so we don’t get to say shit about it. That’s the way it goes.


So that happened this weekend. So did one other thing. Tomorrow: Darion Atkins!

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