Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the perfect recruiting board update

OK, it's not really the best recruiting board update in world history, but it's getting its own post this weekend. Anyway, I'm not the perfect one, Will Roberts is. See below about that. The recruiting board is here, and don't forget the handy prospect map. Here are the updates:

- Removed CB Terrell Burt, TE Dakota Jackson, and DE Brent Wilkerson, all from green. They committed to Baylor, VT, and Penn State, respectively. Bummer about Wilkerson because if it weren't for his very high interest in Penn State I'd have had him in the blue. Not to mention he's from DeMatha and a hell of a prospect.

- Moved DE (or WR, whatever) Eli Harold from yellow to green.

- Moved OL Win Homer from green to blue.

- Added OT Adam Bisnowaty to green.

- Added LB Devin Vandyke to yellow. Best guess is that he follows brother Ronny to VT, but who knows?

Also, the "competition" column got a full makeover. About half the prospects got schools added. No, I am not going to enumerate them all for you.

This weekend, of course, is the spring game, and the visitor list for that is a hell of a lot more impressive than either of the junior days combined. You're wanting to know if anyone might commit on Saturday, of course. Maybe. I wouldn't bet on it, but maybe. I won't be blown out of my chair if someone does, but I'm not expecting it.

Two things:

- This couldn't wait til tomorrow. Oh, it'll get it's own post tomorrow. But while I was busy on this thing, Will Roberts was busy mowing down George Washington hitters at Davenport. 27 up, 27 down for the first perfect game in UVA history and the second ever thrown by an ACC team. And only the 8th 9-inning perfect game in NCAA history. Dear UVA athletic department: I can haz moar video streaming plz. Yes I like very much what you've done so far, now I want more candy. I know baseball history used to come through the radio, but this isn't the 1940s.

- The ACC Sports Journal is doing the way-early thing, as the media is wont to do, and - this for basketball by the way - hoists UVA to fourth in the preseason power rankings. If that ends up coming true it means the tournament for sure. I think there'll be two schools of thought concerning UVA hoops next season: the one that says adding Mike Scott to a lineup that won seven conference games and was in the hunt every night will result in a breakthrough season, and the one that doesn't concern itself with basketball in the ACC outside of North Carolina. It'll be interesting to see which one is the more heavily propagated come November.

Bonus amusement line from the ACCSJ: "Seth Greenberg won’t have to worry about getting snubbed by the NCAA tournament selection committee again next year. The Hokies might get snubbed by the NIT instead."


Kevin Flint said...

Hey man, love your blog!

Are you a bit concerned that this recruiting season has started off a bit slower than last year? Or is it simply a function of not having the buzz of a new staff like we had last year?

Thoughts? Thanks.

Brendan said...

It was a little concerning that the junior days were so lightly attended, but the spring game should make up for that. True, last year we had four commitments at this time (this year we have one), but two of them had committed to Al Groh the previous summer and one eventually decommitted again. And another was Clifton Richardson, who (or whose father) was still insisting he was going to take more visits. So we're really not that far behind last year, if at all.

Every year is different and I don't think there's much to read into anything here.

Kevin said...

Thanks man. That's what I was thinking. I guess it really picked up last year in the early summer with Phelps, etc.

One thing that popped into my head today. With all of the returners and big name WR/ATH recruits, it seems like that Adrian Gamble is kind of a forgotten recruit from last year's class. Nice to have some depth at that position for once. Go Hoos!

Erik said...

i was very excited to hear about evan nolte's commitment this afternoon. now all we need to do on the basketball scene is find a good fit at point guard...