Sunday, April 3, 2011

lacrosse bracketology

A little late this week because of the lateness of the Sunday games; the Big City Classic (have I mentioned this rule of thumb yet? Any time you see a competition with the word "Classic" in its name, it is anything but) didn't start its last game til 6:30. Here's this week's update:


- Ugh. Maryland's RPI is ass and yes, losing that game knocked us three pegs down. As long as we beat Penn after the ACC tournament I don't think we can fall completely out of the bracket but you never know. At least one more win besides that would sure put my mind at ease. It'd be nice to be reminded UVA can still beat anyone.

- Hofstra's been hanging out on the bubble all this time and they're a little bit victimized by Penn State not having the autobid. Now they're in the Hokie Chair. PSU can earn a tenuous spot on their own merits. I'm not sure that lasts, but that's how it is for now.

- Only one travel adjustment: flip-flopping Delaware and Penn State.

- Second week in a row with a new and strange face on Syracuse's sacrificial altar. That's the MAAC for you. You'd think it'd be Siena's to lose but they suffered a terrible loss this week - to Detroit at home - and now it's anyone's conference.

- Despite what it might look like, the "next four out" teams really aren't that close.

The games to watch this week:

- Bucknell at Army. Army can't get in the tournament without the autobid, and Bucknell can, but this game could change that. Or Army can be put away once and for all til the Patriot tournament.

- North Carolina at Virginia. Loser to the bubble. Winner probably gets their name in stone for the tourney.

- Drexel at Penn State. CAA bubble battle. PSU isn't so far ahead of Drexel that a loss can't flip-flop them in the pecking order, but, like Bucknell-Army, a loss for Drexel might put them out of reach.

- Denver at Duke. Mostly for seeding, as Denver isn't likely to let go of the ECAC and can probably get in without the autobid anyway.

- Syracuse at Princeton. The RPI looooooves Princeton despite their piteous 2-5 record. Cuse is the clear and obvious #1 and everyone knows it, but they haven't breezed, and Princeton can still make a miracle run for the tournament if they can beat the Cuse at home.

- Delaware at Villanova. Hofstra's got to be rooting hard against the Hens despite sharing a conference. In the event neither wins the CAA, they'll be bubble buddies. Nova's profile is strong and can get stronger here.

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Erik said...

damn it would be miserable to lose to syracuse, hopkins, maryland AND the Tarheels in the same season...gah