Sunday, April 10, 2011

lacrosse bracketology

Stuff happened as it does, and your blogger and lacrosse bracketologist took notice and did what he does:

This doesn't represent much of a change. Actually, this week mainly served to solidify the biggest contenders. There's quite a difference between Maryland - the last team in the bracket - and Hokieland, the first four out. The only team to drop out of the at-larges was Penn State, which did itself no favors by losing to Drexel. And it wasn't even enough for Drexel to jump into the bracket.

The other change is just another episode in As The MAAC Turns, and the new occupant of the autobid is.....Detroit? In their third year of D-I lacrosse the Titans can wrap up a spot in the four-team MAAC tourney if they win next week; that win over Siena (which is still by far the best on-paper team in the conference) last week threw the whole conference into chaos. I find this especially awesome on account of that's where I'm starting grad school in less than a month, so.....go Titans.

Here's what happened in last week's games to watch:

- Bucknell 8, Army 7. That about finishes Army, barring an autobid. Bucknell is just outside being able to snag an at-large themselves, so other bubble teams will be pulling for them to win the Patriot League.

- Virginia 11, North Carolina 10. Woot. Tournament is ours; we now play for all-important seeding, which, as you can see by Hopkins "earning" a game against Maryland while Villanova gets Bucknell, means a little something.

- Drexel 14, Penn State 13. Drexel managed to torpedo Penn State and not actually vault into the tourney themselves.

- Denver 12, Duke 9. Ho ho. If there was any doubt about Denver before, there isn't now. They're an almighty lock for an at-large now, and another team for the Drexels of the world to root for.

- Syracuse 7, Princeton 5. Princeton's RPI is amazing for a 2-6 team, so Cuse made out nicely here, and shot down Princeton's outside shot for a miracle run to the tourney. Interesting, the effects of Bill Tierney's jump to Denver.

- Villanova 10, Delaware 4. Dropped the Hens way outside at-large territory, but they're still atop the CAA for now, and with wins over Hofstra and Drexel already they look strong for at least a quality seed in the CAA tourney.

This week's games to watch:

- Cornell at Syracuse. Unlikely Syracuse drops from the 1 seed even with a loss, but a big seeding opportunity for Cornell.

- Virginia at Duke. Seeding only. Duke and UVA traded seeds (#3 and #6) in this week's bracket, and could do so again, but hopefully not.

- Manhattan at Siena. A couple of MAAC contenders battle. It's a hugely wide-open conference and it's for a single bid.

- Drexel at Massachusetts. An opportunity and a must-win for Drexel.

- Canisius at Detroit. MAAC again.

- Johns Hopkins at Maryland. Seeding duel with perhaps some potential to make Maryland's position a little bit precarious.

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