Tuesday, May 10, 2011

recruiting board update

Necessitated largely by yesterday's insta-commit from Norfolk Christian athlete Wilfred Wahee, who waited only long enough between offer and commitment to find out if the offer was really for reals.  Wahee is teammates and hopefully BFFs with Kwontie Moore, Courtnye Wynn, and Mario Nixon at NCS, so with any luck we'll get not only an athletic DB but a ripple effect too.

This week's changes to the board and the map:

- Added CB Wilfred Wahee to orange.  Could be a receiver or safety, too, but things lean toward DB right now and the only service that doesn't list him as ATH is ESPN, so CB it is.

- Removed OL Brock Stadnik from red, who along with his brother Clayton committed to South Carolina.  Clayton didn't have the UVA offer but these two made their intentions known as a package deal.

- Moved RB Kye Morgan from yellow to green.  I still think he'll be a bit of a challenge to get out of New Jersey since he lives almost literally in the shadow of Rutgers.

- Moved QB Chad Voytik and ATH Corey Coleman from yellow to red.

- Added QB Greyson Lambert to red.

- Moved RB Kye Morgan from yellow to green.

About a month or so til high schools are out for the summer, at which point things will hopefully get very interesting.  More junior days, camps, etc.

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