Monday, July 4, 2011

2010-2011 Cavalier of the Year: Danny Hultzen

Right from the word "go" this was a two-horse race, between exactly the two players I figured.  One is in the ranks of the best, most elite athletes in any sport to ever suit up for UVA, the other won us a national championship and was named the best player in the country in his sport.  A seesaw battle ensued.

Which lasted a week.  Perhaps propelled by a performance in which he struck out eight of ten hitters he faced in between barfing his gall bladder out, Danny Hultzen leaped ahead of Steele Stanwick to claim the title as 2011 Cavalier of the Year.  Hultzen is a repeat winner, having earned the inaugural award in 2009.  Goalkeeper Diego Restrepo was sandwiched in between in 2010.

Myself, I didn't even vote, and I still don't know who I'd have voted for between Hultzen and Stanwick.  Either makes a most deserving winner.  On the one hand, I thought Stanwick had the better year; on the other hand, the like of Hultzen may not be seen again around here for many, many years.  The people have spoken, and it is Danny Hultzen, and by a landslide too.  Congratulations all around, and thanks to all the voters.

These are the final results:

Danny Hultzen: 79
Steele Stanwick: 35
Mu Farrakhan: 16
Robby Andrews, Keith Payne: 6
Matt McLean: 3
Brian Ownby, Michael Shabaz: 2
Paige Selenski: 1
Liz Downs, Sinead Farrelly, and Lauren Perdue: 0

Now, run along and have an awesome 4th of July.  And don't blow your fingers off.  We'll be back tomorrow to add more orange lines to the recruiting board.


Anonymous said...

Whereas every single male athlete (even the "lesser known" ones) received a minimum of 2 votes, the four female athletes received only 1 vote combined (for Paige Selenski).

Just an observation. I voted for Hultzen myself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe next year have separate male and female awards?

Brendan said...

Well, last year Monica Wright was third in the voting. I think separating the award is more work than I'd like to do at this point. And I think you'd still see the same kind of result, only in that case the men's award would get a bunch of votes and the women's award would get very few.