Wednesday, July 20, 2011

recruiting board update


Thank ye gods for air conditioning.  Without it I think the entire South would probably still be mostly unpopulated farming country.  I live in Michigan because I don't mind the cold and can't imagine how people in Texas or wherever deal with this stuff for eight months of the year.  It's 97 outside - that's a body temperature, not an air temperature.  And if you think I sound silly griping about this stuff than you know what I think when I see southerners bundle up against the 55-degree chills.  Give me too cold over too hot any day.  Fortunately, the heat doesn't put a stop to recruiting, so here you go with this week's changes to the board (and map):

- Moved WR Anthony Cooper from blue to orange.  This happened just today.  Can I get a huzzah.  Cooper is a prize catch at receiver and one whose eventual commitment to UVA has been hoped for and anticipated since probably March.  A huge boost to the class.

- Moved CB Mike Tyson and LB Trey Edmunds from green to blue.  It is starting to seem like the coaching staff, now that the class is approaching full, is focusing its efforts on a few out-of-state prospects that it thinks are within reach, and otherwise keeping their attention within the borders.  The last four commits, and six of the last eight, have been in-staters.  And in keeping with the rule that there must be eight most-wanteds on the board, and since Cooper was one, Edmunds replaces him and is now highlighted in orange.

- Added CB C.J. Moore to green.  Article entitled "Moore hoping for UVA offer" plus appearing to have it equals board addition.  If that offer shows up in other databases as well he seems like a possible candidate for the blue section.

- Removed RB Alden Hill from yellow.  Committed to Tennessee.

- Moved ATH Cyrus Jones from red to yellow.  I forget why. I put it in my notes to do it because I read something and now I can't for the life of me remember what.  But there he is.  We'll see what comes of that.  Probably nothing but whatever.

Programming-wise, tomorrow I will probably take the day off because of real-life stuff that must be done, but I'll be getting a great deal of video work done, too, I think.  Then on Friday I'll leave you with some new toys as I sail into my vacation.  Afterwards, get ready for some football.


Coles said...

Cyrus Jones had a feature recruiting article on ESPN some time in the past couple weeks which said he was visiting UVA and VT at the end of July.

Brendan said...

YES. That was the story I read. Thank you.