Wednesday, June 13, 2012

recruiting board update

We will see if I can go another day or two without turning this space into a mouth-foaming rant about the ham-handed and misguided (to put it nicely) firing of Teresa Sullivan.  I'm betting not.  Meantime, here is your weekly recruiting board update.

-- Added DE Jack English to orange.  English represents (most likely) this year's sole "camp commit," a player who earns an offer through his performance in front of the coaches.  VT offered at their camp, we offered at ours, English is a UVA legacy, and so: commitment #10.

-- Added WR Brian Lemelle to yellow.

-- Moved DE Dajaun Drennon from yellow to red.

-- Removed WR Paul Harris and DE Naim Mustafaa from red.  The latter committed to UGA; the former is "focused" on a ton of other schools which are not UVA.

English's commitment tightens up the space left for people outside the core group that the coaches are pursuing.  There isn't a lot of discretionary space left, if any at all.  Of the players in blue, pretty much all of them have a reserved spot if they want it.  So do a lot of the green ones, especially, say, Kirk Garner, Buddy Brown, or Larenz Bryant.  And there really is a decent chance we end up with every single one of those prospects in blue.  If that happened I would do the happy dance of happiness, but it would also mean room for, like, two or three more players in the class.  So I don't know who the next commitment will be, but I bet it won't be a surprise.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the class, and looking at our roster, if we can get Mizzell (and I feel good about that one ... but WVU has to be tempting with their offensive style) and Teller, that will make this a fairly solid class filling needs and getting high quality talent.

Ideally, if we land those two, I'd like the priority to be at DB (CB and S would be nice) and maybe OL. Getting quality would always be nice, so I wouldn't be against a quality LB (Kalambyi/Randolph/Bryant/Brown, but with Smith/Kiser, the need isn't huge), or anywhere, for that matter.

A DT would be nice, but there's enough depth in the underclassmen ahead that it wouldn't be the biggest deal, particularly if we can land Nnadi the next year.

Looks like Levrone is making a rise. I see he's at 5.7 on rivals now. Wonder if he ends up as a 4-star with a strong year.

Sounds like they are hard at work with 2014. Here's hoping that, if they have some flexibility (really have to doublecheck what the scholarship count looks like, as of now, for 2014), they'll land that big instate class to swing things.

Anonymous said...

The Keeon Johnson commitment is ... interesting. Sounds like a talented kid ... but the WR decks are filled. Like the Cutler decision, I'll take talent for now, but I'm not sure how it fits.

I imagine some WR's could move to other spots (TE comes to mind for one guy, maybe some guys move to DB).