Friday, June 29, 2012

vote for the 2011-2012 Cavalier of the Year

Voting is now open for the fourth annual FOV Cavalier of the Year.  I've done my bit; now it's your turn.  Select a candidate on the right who you think is most deserving.  I don't have any criteria and I'm not telling you how you should vote; vote how you like.  I do have my own opinion on who I'd pick, but I only get one vote same as you, and I'll wait to use it so you don't see one lone vote sitting there early on and make the obvious inference.  (Also, please do only vote once; the site should prevent you from voting early and voting often, but if it doesn't, you know, honor code and all that.)

Voting will remain open for two weeks, and on Friday the 13th (ooooooo) of July, the winner will be crowned.  The whole point of the exercise is to shed a little light on the widespread achievements of our elite athletes, so read each of the mini-bios (linked below) if you haven't already.  Happy voting.

Brittany Altomare (women's golf)

Will Bates (men's soccer)

Morgan Brian (women's soccer)

Meredith Cavalier (women's swimming)

Briggy Imbriglia (men's diving)

Jarmere Jenkins (men's tennis)

Chase Minnifield (football)

Josie Owen (women's lacrosse)

Mike Scott (men's basketball)

Matt Snyder (wrestling)

Steele Stanwick (men's lacrosse)

Sidney Thorston (rowing)

Keith Werman (baseball)


Anonymous said...

OT: Whoa ... Devon Hall committed and reclassified to 2013. Sounds like he was promised early PT, which led to the move. Makes sense, as, on paper, Teven Jones and maybe Taylor Barnette are the only point guards after this year. My count has next year at 2 seniors (mitchell/Harris), 3 juniors (Atkins/Brogdon/Jesperson), 6 potential sophomores (let's see what happens with the incoming class, feels like someone will redshirt, but otherwise Tobey/Gill/Nolte/Anderson/Jones/Barnette), and Hall.

That leaves a couple spots left, barring attrition. It'd be hard to predict attrition as of now, so I'd stash the leftover scholarships in the back-pocket (with Hall, our 2 deep is set), and give ourselves the option of taking 3-4 guys for the Class of 2014 if we wanted.

All in all, with the football commits and the Hall move, a fairly exciting few weeks for Wahoo fans.

Anonymous said...

Bleh, that should be one spot left for 2013, not a couple.

If a good talent wanted to come, someone like the highly rated Austin Nichols, I'd be for it, but unless we lose a big man, we'll have Tobey/Gill/Mitchell/Atkins next year, and Nolte as a possible stretch 4. I don't know if a big is definitely needed. Targeting a top big in the 2014 class seems to make more sense.