Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend review

Sometimes it's best practice to shut up and let Homer Simpson do your talking:

There.  Glad to get that out of my system.

As might have already crossed your radar screen, our long national point-guard-less nightmare is over, put to rest when Devon Hall made his long-hoped-for commitment to Tony Bennett this weekend.  Hall reclassified to the 2013 class to make it happen, which is really a re-reclassification as 2013 was his original class after dropping back to 2014 due to his rather young age.

That clears up a whole host of problems at once.  We don't have to worry about where our next point guard is coming from, for one.  Teven Jones may or may not be pretty good, but there's still only one of him, and this puts an end to all the fretting about whether or not Malcolm Brogdon is suited for the job.  We also don't have to worry about saving a spot for Hall.  No more "can we still get Hall if we bring in Jaren Sina and what if we don't get Sina and Hall goes to Maryland anyway aaaaaaaaaaa help me baby Jesus."  Plus, with Brandan Stith announcing last month he was eliminating UVA as a destination (we wanted him to reclassify and he struggled with that decision and decided not to) there's nobody left to "save a spot" for at all.

In essence, Tony has just gone from being forced to be picky to having the luxury to be picky.  I'll have more on all this later in the week; today would've been a full-out Devon Hall profile except that the recruiting services need a little time to reclassify him in their system.  Then we'll see where he shakes out with respect to his class.  Most of them have him in the top 40 or 50 players in the 2014 class, so the answer will eventually be "high."


-- VT defensive end Dadi Nicolas got himself suspended, the result of a felony charge for grand larceny.  What did he steal?  (Help in stealing, actually - technically he wasn't the one riding the bike away.)  A bicycle.  Let's check out some of the other crimes perpetrated by Hokies in recent(ish) times:

  • Kicker Cody Journell breaks into a guy's house while the guy is in the house, and gets himself chased down the street without the weed he went there to retrieve.
  • Marcus Vick throws the ultimate temper tantrum and infamously stomps on an opponent's leg.
  • Jeff Allen.
  • Nicolas and the bicycle theft.
This is not at all to suggest that UVA is free of legal shenanigans; nobody is.  But is it just me or, is it that when a Hokie gets in trouble, it's for being a 13-year-old?

-- Let's not be too hard on Tech, though.  Did you know that this year they had their highest finish ever in the Director's Cup?  35th, to be exact.  The Hoos were 15th, making UVA one of 14 schools never to finish outside of the top 30.  Hokie math is when you're better at three sports and your rival is better at 20 and that means you dominate.

-- Ouch.  The good news for Carolina is that they put quite a few of their pitchers in the major leagues.  The bad news is that they all suck, and the worse news is that no less an eminent publication than the Wall Street Journal took notice.  Harsh.

-- The final chapter in the President Sullivan saga closed this weekend with Helen Dragas's reappointment to the Board of Visitors.  I find myself caring much less about that than I thought I would.  We got the president back and that's really what matters; I suppose this is the governor's reward for Dragas's playing nice and voting for Sullivan's reinstatement so that it would be a unanimous vote.  It didn't escape my notice, though, that the governor also appointed Leonard Sandridge as a "senior advisor" babysitter.

-- Now that it's July, and it's the offseason, the posting schedule will lighten up a tad.  Probably will aim for four days or so a week instead of a full five or six (you probably noticed a little bit of that going on already, the difference being that I didn't do it on purpose.)  And of course there is my scheduled annual summer break which goes on in a couple weeks.  Full time posting resumes in August (or late Julyish) with the yearly opponent previews.  Your job is not done, however: vote in the Cavalier of the Year poll if (and only if) you haven't already done so.

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