Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I don't have any writing today.  I've been doing some blog housekeeping instead.  I updated the recruiting board for 2013 (Hipolito Corporan and Brad Henson to maroon, Eric Smith and Connor Wingo-Reeves added to orange, for the sake of posterity in case I have to go back and track changes) and all three depth charts.

The hoops one should've been done long ago since we're halfway into the season, but there you go.  The football one simply removes the decommits (except, I just realized, Corporan, but F it that one's a pain in the ass to do and I'll just fix it in the spring), adds the new commits, and also removes Mike Rocco and Chris Brathwaite.**

The lacrosse one is sort of the preseason edition, with last year's senior class rolled off the edge and next year's signed freshman class added.  Some positions shuffled, a few players (think: Blake Riley and Nick O'Reilly) held back a year due to redshirts, a few deletions (nothing major except for one goalie, which crimps the depth somewhat), a few additions (remember Thompson Brown? that movie now showing at Klockner instead of Scott; also an important transfer in the form of ex-Bucknell Bison Charlie Streep***) and whatnot else.  Please keep in mind the foggy nature of lacrosse positions, particularly midfield where the roster doesn't make a distinction between the various types (offense, defense, FOGO) unless they carry a long stick, and don't yell at me if something isn't quite right.

I've also been putting together the 2014 recruiting board, and you can look for that next week.


***Streep, in fact, played his last, as in most recent, game of lacrosse at Klockner.  More on Streep in the lacrosse season preview in a couple weeks, but you'll remember him as a key player in one of the most exciting tourney games UVA's played in semi-recent memory.  Then he had to sit out last season with an abdominal injury.

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