Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2012-2013 Cavalier of the Year

Last year there was just one intrepid soul that voted for Jarmere Jenkins.  That person can congratulate himself or herself for being into tennis before it was cool.  Jenkins's national championships - plural, as he earned both the team and doubles trophy and came within a hair of earning the singles trophy as well - were enough to sway this year's voting public into making him the FOV Cavalier of the Year.

Frankly, this award has turned out exactly as I'd hoped.  The winners have come from five different sports and only one is a traditional revenue sport; we have baseball (twice), men's soccer, women's soccer, men's basketball, and now, men's tennis.  Does it suck that our football team isn't ever good enough to produce stronger candidates?  Yeah, kinda.  But the one year they were pretty good, women's soccer still beat them out with a better player.  I'd like a better football team, but I can't help it that UVA is so dang exceptional at pumping out really good athletes everywhere else.

Jarmere Jenkins is as worthy a candidate as you'll ever see for the award, and for the record, yes, I voted for him too.  One vote, same as you.  I thought it was a shame Caroline Miller didn't earn more votes, as I figured her for the second-best choice, and we also really ought to give like a lifetime achievement award to Paige Selenski for being the first four-time nominee.  Of all the athletes I've ever nominated, Selenski has had probably the best UVA career.

But Jenkins, man: national champion.  You can't beat it.  Here are the voting totals for posterity:

Jarmere Jenkins: 81
Joe Harris: 30
Mike Papi: 19
Paige Selenski: 8
Steve Greer: 6
Caroline Miller: 5
Brittany Altomare, Melanie Mitchell, Luke Papendick: 1
Will Bates, Casey Bocklet, Scott McWilliams: 0


Anonymous said...

Congrats, JJ! Good luck in the pros -- we'll be watching!

Anonymous said...

Really disappointed at the lack of a poorly-photoshopped cavalier mustache on Jarmere like previous years...

Anonymous said...

^^^ In all sincerity. No sarcasm