Wednesday, July 17, 2013

recruiting board update

Not a lot of movement this time at the top of the board, but some interesting shuffles down below.  You know where this thing lives.

-- Moved ATH Jeffery Farrar from yellow to green.  I'd no longer be surprised if Farrar committed to UVA, which is one of the big differences from yellow to green.

-- Moved OT Bentley Spain from yellow to red.  A move that may be long overdue.

-- Added DE Kentavius Street to yellow.  Street is a big-time prospect who is taking public notice of the fact that other big-time prospects (Andrew Brown, to be specific in this case) are committing to UVA.  Street's main focus is NC State at the moment, and he's got a lot of other suitors, and yes I'd be awfully surprised to see him actually verbal up to UVA, but stranger things have (occasionally) happened.

-- Removed OT Justin Falcinelli (Clemson), ATH M.J. Stewart (UNC), and CB Christopher Murphy (Arkansas) from red.

Before the end of summer I'll have a big picture type look.  Hopefully soon, cause there won't be much point to that after another couple commitments.  If it's not some time this week, then it'll be interspersed with the annual football previews, which start at the end of next week and run through August.

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pezhoo said...

I missed Stewart committing to UNC. Hopefully he'll have a Daniel Davis impact more so than a Lee Suggs type of thing.