Thursday, September 5, 2013

weekend review

Probably the latest weekend review ever.  Blame real-life hobbies.  Anyway, we start with the Senior Seasons feature:

Peachtree Ridge 28, Parkview 14 - Jordan Ellis is establishing himself as a workhorse, with 122 yards on 21 carries.  Two touchdowns are included, one a run of 35 yards.  Peachtree Ridge is 2-0.

Episcopal 30, Father Judge 22 - Playing tight end/H-back, Evan Butts scored on a 75-yard wheel route.  Episcopal is 1-0.

Bayside 29, Landstown 10 - Quin Blanding caught a 73-yard pass and existed in the Landstown backfield on defense.  Bayside is 1-0.

Mater Dei 44, Upland 13 (Jeffery Farrar) - Upland is 0-1.
Central Catholic 48, Naples Lely 10 (Caanan Brown) - CCC is 1-0.
Eastern Alamance 63, Cummings 28 (Will Richardson) - Cummings is 0-2.
Woodgrove 35, Freedom-South Riding 0 (J.J. Jackson) - Woodgrove is 1-0.
Riverbend 14, Chancellor 0 (Steven Moss) - Chancellor is 0-1.

The recruiting board gets a minor update too.  For posterity's sake:

-- Moved DT Derrick Nnadi from green to yellow.  A weird recruitment, this: Nnadi's been from yellow to green to blue and all the way back down again.

-- Moved OT Marcus Applefield from yellow to green.  Applefield has a top five that includes UVA.

Not much motion here.  Give it a few weeks into the season, really.

And in the rest of the world:

-- I'm intrigued by Jeff White's profile of UVA's new swim coach, Augie Busch.  Stepping into Mark Bernardino's shoes is a very tall task, especially given the less-than-perfectly-smooth way the transition went down (no fault of Busch's) but there's a certain profile of coach that you'd want for the type of job that UVA is and Busch seems to fit it.  Rubber meets the road next February and March at the ACC and NCAA meets.

-- The men's soccer team is off to a decent start, with a win over St. John's and a loss to Louisville, but it's really the ladies who are kicking that ass.  Two straight four-goal wins over top-10 teams (Santa Clara and Penn State) have highlighted the opening stretch.  UVA (that is, the ladies) has scored 16 goals in four games, with eight players getting on the scoreboard, and sophomore Brittany Ratcliffe leading the way with four goals.

-- Blast-from-the-past Jerton Evans, who played safety for George Welsh and Al Groh, is getting a start on his coaching career as the defensive coordinator at Bishop Ireton, which plays in the WCAC against DeMatha and Good Counsel.

-- On the depth chart, Maurice Canady moves ahead of DreQuan Hoskey at cornerback, and tight end is now a jumble and a half with the order being Burns, McGee, Swanson - but "or" is listed next to everyone.  So really, there isn't a tight end depth chart right now.  Those are the main changes for the Oregon game, although Mason Thomas now appears as the third free safety as well.

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