Monday, October 7, 2013

weekend review

Le sigh.  It wasn't a great weekend, but we're obligated to review it anyway.  Someone on one of the boards said that the collective IQ of the fanbase is directly proportional to the win-loss record, which, ain't it the truth, man.  One thing that will really blow everyone's mind is if London is fired after next year (which means, probably, that we didn't go bowling now or then) and an objective review of the Al Groh and Mike London eras proves Groh the superior coach.  If IQs could be negative, you'd see it then.

We'll start with the recruiting board, I suppose.  2014 recruiting has ground to a halt, but not at other schools, which means targets keep slowly coming off the board.  The updates:

-- Removed WR Juwann Winfree (Maryland) from yellow.

-- Removed DT Ricky Walker (VT) from red.

So yeah, these are not happy times in the recruiting world, although I do question London's commitment to recruiting either of those players.  Walker never actually got offered; if London wanted to, he could've simply sent a letter, as written offers are kosher by now.


Let's go around the ACC and see what kind of fun other people were having while we were watching our fourth-year coach get mashed by a MAC team at home.

-- Miami knocked off GT.  Now, they gotta play FSU from the Atlantic while VT doesn't have to play anyone of consequence, so they don't have a lot of margin for error.  But it sets them up to achieve, after nine seasons of waiting, what the ACC dreamed of all this time: a Miami-FSU CG.  All they gotta do is beat Tech, really, and not lose more than once.

-- FSU must have been kinda cheesed off about all this Maryland talk.

-- NC State is definitely one of the Jekyll-and-Hydiest teams in the ACC.  A loss to Wake - ouch.

-- Seriously, man - really cheesed off.

-- UNC is setting up to be the team I missed the hardest on in the preseason.  I mean, they might not even go bowling unless they rattle off a huge win streak after their inevitable Thursday loss to Miami this week.  The competition afterwards kinda sucks, so they could do it, but still.

-- I'm not kidding.  Pissed as hell.


It's a small Senior Seasons section this week, because Farrar, Richardson, and Moss were all on bye weeks this weekend.  Probably a record for the smallest ever.  Nevertheless, we press on.  Grimly.

Collins Hill 35, Peachtree Ridge 28: Jordan Ellis racked up three more touchdowns and 102 rushing yards, but his team suffered their first loss of the season in a battle of undefeated teams.  Peachtree Ridge is 5-1.

Lawrenceville 48, Episcopal 47: Evan Butts caught what would've been the game-tying touchdown if Episcopal had kicked the extra point, but they went for two and ended their long winning streak in the process.  Episcopal is 5-1.

Central Catholic 35, St. Petersburg Catholic 14 (Caanan Brown) - CCC is 5-1.
Oscar Smith 70, Deep Creek 6 (Andrew Brown) - Oscar Smith is 5-0.
Bayside 18, Kellam 10 (Quin Blanding) - Bayside is 3-3.
Woodgrove 35, Heritage 7 (J.J. Jackson) - Woodgrove is 3-2.

That's all I got for one night.  I could go on about depth chart changes this week, but the only ones were at wide receiver where none of Jennings, Terrell, or Smith are atop the charts.  You can riddle that out on your own.  Nothing is working for me tonight, from the plumbing to the compass to the thermostat, and I don't mean my house.  And we might be less than a week away from "wait til basketball season" so that's not the best of mood-setters either.

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