Monday, October 14, 2013

weekend review

The not-yet-jaded among you (you're so adorable) may find some reason for optimism in this week's ACC results:

-- For one, GT got pretty well rolled by BYU this week.  That's good, right?  Since we beat BYU and have yet to play GT.  That should offer some hope for that particular game.  I think it's more likely that we'll look at the BYU game the exact same way we looked at last year's Penn State game.

-- Also, Clemson struggled, at home no less, against Boston College.  Maybe they're vulnerable - or maybe they just got caught looking ahead to next Saturday and Florida State.

-- Pitt-VT looked kind of like UVA-Pitt would've looked minus stupid turnovers.  And with a flicker of a passing game from VT.  Stat of the week: Trey Edmunds carried the ball nine times.  His longest carry was 14 yards.  He finished with 13 yards.  If by some miracle Brent Urban's injury is minor (it's probably not) VT's offensive line is ridiculously vulnerable.


The depth chart isn't too heavily changed up.  I think the "or" at DT next to Brent Urban says a lot about his status, though.  Despite my Eeyoring, London says Urban's injury is "not season-ending" which I take as code for "but he's not exactly coming back soon, either."  Demetrious Nicholson gets an injury-related "or" as well, and Brandon Phelps gets a decidedly non-injury-related "or" and now shares the top spot with Rijo Walker.  There's a lot of fan bellyaching about Phelps because he "doesn't make plays" but that's exactly what you want out of a free safety: total invisibility.  Nevertheless, some big pass plays from Maryland should indeed cause a little re-examination of the position.


Senior Seasons time:

Peachtree Ridge 38, Mountain View 13: Jordan Ellis scored three of his four total touchdowns in the third quarter and racked up 174 yards on the ground on 23 carries.  Peachtree Ridge is 6-1.

Episcopal 34, Germantown 25: Evan Butts had four catches, including an all-YAC 81-yard touchdown (and two TDs overall) in Episcopal's sixth win.  Episcopal is 6-1.

Green Run 21, Bayside 16: It's not a great season for a Bayside team that's usually among the better ones in Virginia Beach.  Quin Blanding ran some wildcat offense, running for 110 yards and both of Bayside's touchdowns, but Bayside lost their fourth of the year.  Bayside is 3-4.

Glendora 24, Upland 21 (Jeffery Farrar) - Upland is 3-3.
Graham 13, Cummings 7 (Will Richardson) - Cummings is 1-6.
Woodgrove 34, Park View 0 (J.J. Jackson) - Woodgrove is 4-1.

A couple games - Oscar Smith and Chancellor - got weather-delayed til Monday so I'll include them in next week's feature.


This week the still-undefeated, still-#1 ladies soccer team makes another ESPN3 appearance: Thursday night at 7:00 when they take on NC State.  Why they chose that game and not Sunday's big one against UNC, I'll never know.  The men are not so visible and won't be watchable live (and on the ACC's website rather than ESPN) until November, but they did do a solid job this weekend in earning a draw against #5 Maryland.  The teams combined for six goals in the first 27 minutes and then remembered they were playing soccer and not supposed to score as if it were a lacrosse game.  They'll take on the always-lousy Hokies next.

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pezhoo said...

Jordan Ellis is on his way to a Senior season like Tony Franklin had. Franklin was pretty lightly recruited and there was all the belly-aching about us offering him, then he ran for more than 2,000 yards his last year. We played him at CB of course but that's another story. He was a D1 talent, it looks like Ellis probably is too.