Saturday, January 10, 2009

Final Blogpoll ballot

One man's opinion on the final rankings. No, I'm not voting Utah #1 as some kind of stupid playoff protest. Florida is the legit champ, and Oklahoma is the legit #2 as far as I'm concerned. Both earned it.

1Florida 1
2Oklahoma 1
3Southern Cal 3
4Utah 3
5Texas 2
6Alabama 2
7TCU 3
8Ohio State 1
9Penn State 4
10Mississippi 11
11Boise State --
12Texas Tech 4
13Missouri 1
14Oregon 5
15Georgia 2
16Virginia Tech 7
17Oklahoma State 5
18West Virginia 8
19Cincinnati 1
20Iowa 2
21Michigan State 6
22Tulsa 4
23Brigham Young 7
24Florida State 2
25Rice 1

Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#13), Pittsburgh (#20), Ball State (#24), Northwestern (#25).

It's a little heavy on bowl results, I think. Ohio State manages to move up because a lot of teams that were behind them also lost, and Penn State gets booted a few spots for sucking royal eggs.

Mississippi might be a little high, but hell: they beat the national champs, and knocked off Texas Tech for a bowl encore.

Oregon State? No. Did you see that game or what? Nobody involved in that gets ranked. If Oregon State's cheerleaders were also an undefeated football team and went on to beat Florida in another national championship game, they would not be ranked, because nobody in that stadium partaking in that game in any form gets ranked.

LSU? Fuck LSU. Aside from a 7-5 regular season in which their marquee win was South Carolina, anyone who runs a fake punt in the fourth quarter when leading by five touchdowns deserves ass-porridge for breakfast, and does not get ranked. That's horseshit. Les Miles is on par with Dennis Franchione in my book. He certainly didn't learn that under Bo Schembechler. Bo would have had him running wind sprints attached to a Mack truck until he vomited his colon for a stunt like that.

Last chance to leave comments for a ballot until fall. At least, a football ballot.

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