Monday, January 26, 2009

mock drafts


A little something I was curious about, and that means you must be too. It's mock draft silly season, in which all sorts of pundits, despite knowing zilch, try and accurately predict the first round or more of the NFL draft. So I decided to compile this, a (hopefully) pretty comprehensive list of mock drafts from sites not named things like, only without all those other players from other schools. Going to see where the experts think Eugene Monroe will land:

James Alder ( 1st - Detroit (woot....?)
Rob Rang (CBS Sports): 2nd - St. Louis
Nolan Nawrocki ( 2nd - St. Louis
Don Banks (Sports Illustrated): 2nd - St. Louis
Tony Kornheiser (his own blog): 4th - Seattle
Chris Steuber ( 7th - Oakland
Mel Kiper (ESPN): 8th - Jacksonville
Steve Silverman (NBC Sports): 11th - Buffalo
Pete Fiutak ( Outside Round 1

I'm not sure what Fiutak is smoking. His draft does mention Monroe, specifically that he thinks the Jaguars would take Michael Oher of Ole Miss instead. Apparently everyone below that is set at left tackle.

I'm also not sure how I'd feel about the Lions taking Monroe. Part of me loves the idea of a Wahoo going first overall, loves to have the chance to keep watching Monroe play for my favorite team, and would be pretty happy besides that the Lions took a desperately needed lineman instead of going googoo-eyed over the quarterback. The other part of me would like to keep our UVA grads the hell away from the giant, steaming, career-ruining shithole that is the Lions. I have such a love-hate relationship with that football team.

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