Saturday, January 17, 2009

biggish recruiting update

It's Official Visit Weekend down in Charlottesville, and so we enter the homestretch in the race to convince as many 17-year-olds as we can to like the University of Virginia better than every other university in the country. So what's new on the trail? The recruiting board tells all....

- DE Will Hill is enrolled, officially, so he gets his own special color.

- LB Luke Kuechly is going to Boston College, so we are 0-for-2 in Cincinnati. Off the board.

- WR Bobby Smith is added. He's yellow-shaded because there's no actual offer yet, but his only other I-A offer is Bowling Green (no, Gregg Brandon was already gone when the offer was made) and he'd probably jump at a UVA offer even if it meant a year at FUMA.

- Morgan Moses gets bumped up to blue. He's starting to talk about staying closer to home so his folks can see him play and not have to spend their paycheck on gas money to do it, which means Alabama might have a tough time securing his services. And by taking his official this weekend, he's effectively bumped VT from consideration, as he was talking about taking an official to either Charlottesville or Blacksburg but not both. A commit from Moses would make this offensive line class by far the beastliest in recent history.

- Couple of verbals have their ratings adjusted.

- Also, scroll down a bit for the 2010 board in all it's glory. Go ahead and get acquainted with it, it'll be around for a year or so.

Note on the numbers. 24 players, not counting decommits, have given their verbals to the coaching staff. The limit, of course, is 25 in one class, but Will Hill counts against 2008 and Hunter Steward will count against 2010, so if Bobby Smith commits and joins Steward in prep school, there's room for everyone. Even more so if Moses also ends up needing prep school, and Javanti Sparrow still isn't academically qualified, so there is basically zero concern about the limit of 25. I still think Lanford Collins will end up at Tech and MacMillan at Iowa, so I don't even think it's likely we'll reach 25.

The real bother is the overall 85 limit. The charges against Rashawn Jackson are dismissed, so that's one less avenue of attrition we have to worry about, but the facts are the facts: we will have to brace for a few departures this summer.

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