Friday, April 10, 2009

EasSpur weekend

Recruiting post. Minimal editorial today, because it's my birthday tomorrow and I can't say for sure how much of this weekend will be spent sober. Send me expensive presents.

A quick non-recruiting bit from Gottschalk: Andrew Devlin's spring is over with a knee something-or-other. Impact should be minimal, at least to the team, if he's OK for the fall, as there's only a week of practice left. It'll make summer conditioning tough though and make it that much harder for Devlin to see the two-deep. Competition in the fall will be heavy.

Now. The basketball, then. As I've mentioned, Tristan Spurlock is coming down for his visit. Two pieces of quality journalizing along those lines; first, from Jeff White, and second, video from NBC 29. Earlier Spurlock said he was 50/50, now he tells NBC he's 60/40 about staying.....that sounds like a guy whose mind is moving in the right direction.

Some folks have said this shouldn't be seen as a test for Bennett. Some folks are wrong. This is a huge test for Bennett, and I do expect he'll pass. Listen, you watch that Spurlock video, you hear him say this: he knows (and must like, or he wouldn't have chosen us) the players, the facilities, the Grounds, the whole deal. That's all in our favor. It's the coaches and their system he wants to know about. Here's a guy who already likes nearly everything about UVA. He's signed on the dotted line, so other coaches can't touch him. They can't be calling him up and badmouthing Bennett's system. It's just Bennett and Spurlock. If Bennett can't close the deal, how's he going to close the deal with someone who doesn't already know and like the school and can be the target of negative recruiting?

Recruiting board is updated, but only on my computer. Sometime later on I'll post. Company's coming and the drinking is going to start shortly. Happy Easter! May the Easter Bunny bring you a regular season lacrosse title and a basketball recruit.

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