Sunday, April 19, 2009

video page updated

So I'd really been hoping I could branch out of football videos a little sooner than this, but only about six or seven basketball games were on TV up here and exactly zero of them were UVA wins. So, we wait til the spring to get a video up. But the video page (link on the right) is finally updated with the UVA/JHU lacrosse game. You know, like I'd been planning to do and promising to do for three weeks and never got around to? Well, there you have it - you can go relive that particular slice of Virginia lore any time you want. Look for the Maryland game too, eventually.

As a side note, because there's really no other place this'd be appropriate, if I'd known I could drive a lot of traffic somewhere just by calling Greivis Vasquez a giant douchenozzle, I'd have just filled out my blogroll with links labeled "Greivis Vasquez is a giant douchenozzle." Other than coaching search-related clicky-clicks, I'm pretty sure "Greivis Vasquez is a giant douchenozzle" from Friday's post is the most popular link I've ever put up. Just thought you might want to know this.

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