Thursday, April 2, 2009

remember these guys?

Hey, we have a football team too, did you hear? They got uniforms and everything. It's way neat.

You'd be forgiven, of course, if you forgot this over the past week or so, what with there being a little bit of a hubbub over the basketball team. But the football team still exists, and it's even practicing, so accordingly, I've spent some time today updating the depth chart and recruiting board.

Here are the changes to the recruiting side of things:

- Moved TE Kyle Baublitz from red to yellow. His taking visits to UVA means that even though his offer pile his huge, ours isn't serving merely to keep the stack impressively large.

- Removed TE Josh Lovell. I see no interest on our end, really.

- Removed DE Zack McCray, who really just sort of confirmed the earlier thinking by point-blank saying he's not interested.

- OT Robby Havenstein likes our parking garage ($). I have absolutely no way of reflecting this on the board. Just thought you might like to know.

- RB Silas Redd took a visit to Penn State ($) this past weekend. Penn State is his dream school and will be extremely hard to beat. If he commits anywhere any time soon, it'll be there. If he hasn't committed in, oh, say, three weeks or so, then his recruitment will be one to watch closely.

And the changes to the depth chart:

- Nate Collins is now at defensive end, where he's been working all spring. To me this says Devlin and Parr aren't the answer after all. Might also want to keep an eye on Kevin Crawford's eligibility. It also frees up Nick Jenkins to be the clear starter in the middle, J-K Dolce to get a healthy share of time there, and Buddy Ruff can also get his foot in the door.

- I also added I's and O's to the linebackers. What this indicates should be pretty clear. I'd have made separate sections, but some of the lesser-used players (the walk-ons, mostly) would have been coin flips 'cause I don't know.

- What I have not done is add Vic Hall to the quarterbacks. Yes, I know he's working there exclusively this spring. However, Groh's comments on the matter implied (to me, anyway) that Hall was not going to be relieved of all cornerback duties. He just doesn't need the work there like he needs the work at QB. Hall is too good an athlete to keep off the field, and when he's not quarterbacking he'll probably be playing a fair amount of defense.

I otherwise don't have a lot of actual content today. I also have a confession to make. I am a bad bad bad UVA lax fan. Terrible. I totally forgot that our game with Maryland was a day game and not a night game, and so only turned on the game in the fourth quarter, having of course neglected to record it for posterity. I then turned it off, believe it or not, after three OT's, because I had hockey tickets for a game two hours away in Bridgeport and had to leave or miss the game. (This was supposed to be a Michigan game. It wasn't. I went anyway. I'm a sucker for live games.) So I'm terrible. Just terrible. But this story has a happy ending, because ESPN Classic rocks my socks. I was able to TiVo that broadcast and finish watching the game this week, and better yet, eventually it will show up in the videos section. What a wonderful world we live in.

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