Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i am on yahoo

Background: Doug Gillett, who is better known in the college football blogalaxy as the owner and proprietor of the UGA blog Hey Jenny Slater, is also an occasional contributor to Yahoo's Dr. Saturday, which is their basically official college football entry in the mini-blogosphere they've set up. Doug is writing a semi-regular offseason series on hot-seat coaches, and yesterday's entry is none other than Al Groh.

The point of this being a post all its own is that I was asked to provide a little perspective on the situation, and did so: three paragraphs' worth near the bottom. So, this post exists purely for shameless self-promotion. Actually my contribution was longer, but if you've read this thing of mine even semi-regularly you know I sometimes ramble; regardless, nothing of major import was edited out. I'd post the rest of what I said here, but I forgot to bother saving a copy, so it's lost. Eh bien.

In any case, I'd point you to the article even if my words were not in it, because other than the notion of George Welsh passing on a seven-win standard (if that were so, there wouldn't be an article because Groh wouldn't really be in trouble) it's a worthy article. Even I learned something.


cgb said...

Brendan I saw the link on Dr. Saturday. It was a contribution worthy of the spotlight. Nice work.

Bird said...

good quote on yahoo! - I'd definitely say Al Groh is the much more frustrating version of Chan Gailey