Friday, May 22, 2009

wrapping it up before the weekend

Short post to gather up a few odds and ends before Memorial Day weekend:

Things started off pretty swimmingly in last night's baseball action. My gut feeling is that beating Clemson (a 6-5 nailbiter of sorts featuring outstanding long relief by Andrew Carraway) probably solidified our standing to host a regional. Work left to do if we want to host a super. Probably involves not losing for the rest of the weekend.

The crazy round-robin format of the ACC tournament seems a little weird, but it's actually not too hard to figure out. If we lose tonight to UNC, we don't make the championship game - that simple. If we win, then we're in if Clemson beat Duke, and if Clemson loses, then we're in anyway by beating Duke ourselves tomorrow. Florida State awaits. We're throwing everything we got at UNC tonight, with Danny Hultzen on the mound. Who we start tomorrow against Duke probably depends on whether or not the game matters.

Football recruiting: I always did think Ty Linton would be tough to pry away from UNC, but damn if it ain't exceedingly rude of him to commit there the day after I post a recruiting board update. You're just gonna have to look at a slightly out-of-date board for a week or so.

Last, but oh so certainly not least, it's Final Four weekend in lacrosse. As you probably know. Especially kind of the NCAA to host this at Foxborough again: my butt will be occupying a seat, hopefully for a full two games. I had noticed that of the four teams from the state of Maryland in the tournament, zero of them are in the Final Four - what I didn't notice til today was that it's the first time that's happened since 1994, when it was UVA, Syracuse, Princeton, and Brown. How fun.

High hopes for this weekend. Maybe it'll be a double championship to celebrate? Maybe? And with a little bit of luck I'll have time to work on getting the Villanova highlights up on the YouTubes. Have yourself a fine weekend. Stay safe. Wear sunblock. And hug a veteran.

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