Thursday, May 21, 2009

recruiting board update

Slow times in the recruiting world. All the kids who knew where they wanted to go are now committed there. All the kids who want to make a decision in the summer are waiting for the summer cocktail circuit of junior days, camps, and everything else. There are updates this week to the recruiting board anyway.

There is also some fluff which you have to read before getting to that:

- Cedric Peerman is awesome, or, Baltimore finds out what we already know.

- Brian O'Connor denies so often that he's annoyed by our late late start to the baseball tournament that the headline writer decided he doth protest too much.

- Brian Carroll fluff in the CDP.

- Twerp fans can no longer make the claim that their coach can eat your coach. Both Ralph Friedgen and Mark Mangino are to be congratulated; Friedgen, for having the dedication to lose a pretty significant amount of weight, and Mangino because he is now the only coach classified as a plutoid by the IAU. No, I haven't forgotten about Cheeseburger Charlie up at Notre Dame, but my fake sources tell me their media guide lists him at a svelte 175 pounds and a 40 time of 4.65.

Bookmark this page because I just used up my entire annual quota of nice things to say about Maryland.

Now, you may have your recruiting board update:

- Dropped CB Louis Young, whose on-and-off commitment to Stanford is back on.

- Added LB Jamal Wallace, CB Urell Johnson, and S Nick Dew to yellow. Johnson is sort of intriguing because he's from Louisiana, which might as well be Burkina Faso for all we've recruited it in the past; and because we're up against a whole batch of different schools instead of the usual suspects. And there's at least some small degree of mutual interest.

- Added OT Miles Dieffenbach to red.

- Moved TE Blake Barker (top four) and C Russell Bodine up to blue.

- Moved DT Anthony Ferguson and LB Brian Laiti down to red.

Of note: Marcus Rush and Ken Wilkins are slated for a visit to Michigan soon. I rather expect Wilkins will commit to Michigan then and there. I'm a little less sure about Rush. He may or may not; if not, you are permitted to take that as an extremely good sign for our chances, as well as a small boost to our standing with QB Andrew Hendrix as well.

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